ANQIER-福建安琪儿卫生用品在南京25届生活用纸展会欢迎您的光临 27/5000 Fujian angel health products in nanjing 25 th life paper exhibition welcome your presence.
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          Exquisite Products, Excellent Life Guaranteed

          企业资讯 行业资讯

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          Hand in hand, win-win cooperation -- the tour of quality exploration in the southwest region of angel

          For anquen consumers deeper, more intuitive understanding of the product quality, the company specializing in the production model, the rigorous research and development, test process, and to listen to your customers, our company held in anquen headquarters on April 18, the customer to visit the forums (southwest).  Zhang Mingde, general manager, Duan Yufeng,vice President, Yan Moutan and the new and old customers a total of 22 people in southwest China attended the symposium, get to the height of the symposium clients praise and recognition.

          Quality is the fundamental business survival, and anquen always insist on quality as the core, to the customer's experience in the first place, by word of mouth as based on the market of stone, become a myriad mother "domestic diapers brand" of the heart. Anquen is able to stand out in the market of the mother and baby of the brand and sell well, and can't do without the joint efforts of all the best dealers in the country. Anquen hopes to be able to work with distributors across the country to make the anquen brand stronger and develop together!


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          Anquen appeared in India's CBME baby fair, grabbing the south Asian market and accelerating the global distribution

          On April 13, the fifth CBME international baby child exhibition in South Asia was held at the convention and exhibition center in mumbai,India. Fujian anquen sanitary products co., LTD. as one of new diapers manufacturing enterprises in China, luxuriant appearance on the show, play with the personage inside course of study to explore and common prosperity. 

          children's products industry is currently one of the most market potential of the industry in India, India has 50 million 0 ~ 2 years old infants and young children, children aged 0 ~ 12 number more than 300 million, with India and raising the level of consumer income change the way of domestic consumption, people spending on: children's products also showed a trend of growth. 

          The presence of anquen as a representative of China's diaper on the CBME India show will undoubtedly take the lead in the region's baby-child industry. In the process of the exhibition, we give the product to the audience experience effect, after using our products, everyone is good response,Indian friends generally praise the anquen as "high quality, healthy and comfortable".


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          All the time, anquen was in England

          2017 is significant for anquen for a year, in order to achieve the "layout of globalization, to enter the international market" the strategic target, anquen has never stop.

          On March 28-30, 2017, the British international children's baby show is held in the beautiful town of harrogate. Anquen to carry its products stunning appearance, attracted a large number of customers watching, the exhibition, anquen will "make the most intimate and comfortable for the global baby diapers" product idea to the UK, high-quality product quality has got many customers agree! Anquen's line of products is also recognized by the British mummy and is taking to the streets of the UK.

          In the globalized layout, the anquen keeps speeding forward, proving that domestic diapers will go international. Anquen will with the aim of the internationalization, specialization, soft, comfortable and healthy for the baby in the world products, world-class quality, let the world fell in love with made in China, make global baby can enjoy the angel's love and care.. In the future, anquen will also move into Singapore, Japan, South Korea... The next station is better, we will wait and see!


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          At the Beijing pregnancy and baby children's fair in 2017, anquen is perfect!

          On March 25 to 27, anquen appeared in the 25th Beijing pregnancy and baby children's products fair. Every time anquen appeared in the exhibition, he was amazed and became a bellwether for the health industry again and again!

          The Beijing exhibition anquen has been a complete success, anquen's products to obtain the very good user experience, anquen brand reputation recognised by the majority of customers, believe that the next day, anquen will blossom everywhere in the national market as a result, to continue adhering to the spirit of originality, seriously good every product process, with quality to speak, for the majority of consumers more secure, comfortable, healthy, high quality: to care products.


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          Anquen was presented at the 24th annual wuhan life paper international technology exhibition

          The 24th edition of the international science and technology exhibition and conference on life paper was held in wuhan international expo center on March 22, solstice. Annual household paper industry is the most important annual technology exchange and trade activities, after 20 years of development, has become the world's largest household paper and hygiene products industry brand.

          The exhibition attracted more than 800 exhibitors from home and abroad, as well as thousands of brands competing with each other. Fujian Anquen products co., LTD., as WeiPin industries  emerging brand strength in the exhibition, shining with leading science and technology of new sanitary products, the pavilion also passes elaborate layout.

          This time, anquen brought a different general brand vision and experience for the clients, and more customers have a new understanding and thinking about the diapers industry. Every customer who comes into the market, they don't say anything about the quality of the product. Good product, oneself can talk, we use good quality to speak for oneself, choose anquen, choose good quality!


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