ANQIER-福建安琪儿卫生用品在南京25届生活用纸展会欢迎您的光临 27/5000 Fujian angel health products in nanjing 25 th life paper exhibition welcome your presence.
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          Caring for the elderly | anquen has donated 300,000 yuan to the elderly development fund of fujian province

          On the afternoon of June 23, the donation ceremony of anquen health supplies, sponsored by the China development foundation for aging, was held in the elderly apartment in xiyuan, fuzhou. Li zuo, former chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), attended the ceremony in person. Anquen's representative yan mou tan attended the event, and sent the hengmei series products personally to the elderly people who needed caring for them, which added a lot of warmth to their later life.

          Anquen business representative YanMou, says Mr Tan heng mei type underwear brand adult diapers, adult diapers, nursing pad after fujian part key 3 armour hospital clinical trial, the high quality for the hospital leadership and users spoke highly of. Anquen's company decided to donate 300,000 yuan to the provincial standing committee. Anquen thanked him for providing a good platform for caring and helping the elderly, giving anquen a chance to give back to the society and give the old man a loving heart.

          At the event, anquen's corporate representatives exchanged friendly exchanges with the leaders of the elderly apartment to discuss how to further care for the elderly. At the same time, anquen business representatives greeted the elderly people with a cordial greeting and a fuller understanding of their life needs. Anquen also gave a live demonstration of the products of the adult nappies, and explained how to use them in detail. At the donation ceremony, every old man had a smile on his face.


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          Warm congratulations on the success of anquen through the international authoritative SGS certification

          On May 18, anquen passed the international authoritative SGS certification! This is anquen following through the eu CE, RoHS, and again after the FDA certification through the international authoritative certification testing, marks its flagship security clean health care product quality further for the European and American developed market recognition!

          On May 18, according to the SGS test results show that: anquen modern baby diapers tide of pH, microbial, permeability, and can transfer fluorescence indexes accord with the baby for the quality of the product quality. The test data are better than that of SGS test standard, anquen with high quality to win the international "passport" at the same time, also proves that the anquen is more health, more breathable, soft, dry product quality, more comfortable.

          As a professional brand of diapers, anquen passed the Swiss SGS testing, both of its leading products through international standard quality testing, is the anquen consumers the best confessions. Anquen has always been committed to making every diaper of diapers, insisting on the quality of the speech, so that the baby will be comfortable and the mother will be more comfortable. In the future, anquen will continue to strengthen product quality monitoring and help the baby to grow safely and healthily.


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          Don't forget your first thoughts and move on -- your satisfaction is the driving force of our progress!

          On May 13, our third customer visit symposium (the northern market) concluded successfully, and the dealers were satisfied and satisfied. Since the beginning of April, we have organized various regional distributors to visit our company headquarters and hold symposiums. As of May 13, we successfully held three seminars and received more than 100 dealers from all regions of the country to visit our company.

          Dealers to visit after a series of understanding, every link of diapers products had the experience, anquen of premium quality validation from the scene each dealer. In the subsequent order, dealers were confident that they would not hesitate to return the order, and the dealer said, "this trip is not a white one."

          Anquen is able to stand out in the market of the mother and baby of the brand and sell well and sell well at home and abroad. Thank you for your dealers to visit, the future days, we don't forget to beginner's mind, to move forward, we work together to anquen family bigger and stronger, create prosperity!


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          Choose anquen and look forward to a bright future -- anquen's second client visit

          On May 9, anquen held a second visit to clients. The general manager, zhang mingde, deputy general duan yufeng, yan mou tan, and the new and old customers in south China south China attended the symposium.

          Dealers in order to visit the anquen factory production workshop, warehousing logistics center, r&d center, exhibition hall and office building, close watch understand diapers and other products from raw materials, production, packaging, distribution, transportation and other one-stop assembly line work. The dealers acknowledge anquen's professional quality and research and development strength, and more firmly follow the anquen's footsteps!

          The development of the anquen is inseparable from the joint efforts of the outstanding distributors of the country! In 2017, anquen will keep innovating and working with many distributors to win the future!


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          Hello Singapore, I'm fujian anquen

          On 25 April - 27, by UBM Singapore sponsored by the third "Singapore, CBME southeast Asia: children's exhibition" held a new convention and exhibition centre in Singapore, fujian anquen sanitary products co., LTD., as one of the domestic production enterprises new diapers wonderful appearance on the show. Today, the CBME children's child exhibition is still continuing, and there is still a lot of traffic in the angel's pavilion, and there is an endless stream of consulting dealers.

           Anquen in order to further expand the Asian markets outside of China, the event also for further understand the maternal and infant market has huge potential to southeast Asia, to further enlarge the influence of angel products in Asia market, but also with industry experts analyze industry development trend in the future. Southeast Asia is another important area layout, anquen globalization CBME by the Singapore international: children's show as an opportunity, anquen will be the opportunity to open the doors of the southeast Asia market, for the baby to provide the world's top health care of southeast Asian nations.


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