ANQIER-福建安琪儿卫生用品在南京25届生活用纸展会欢迎您的光临 27/5000 Fujian angel health products in nanjing 25 th life paper exhibition welcome your presence.
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          Exquisite Products, Excellent Life Guaranteed

          企业资讯 行业资讯

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          福建安琪儿卫生用品在南京25届生活用纸展会欢迎您的光临 27/5000 Fujian angel health products in nanjing 25 th life paper exhibition welcome your presence.

          In 2018, it will be held in nanjing international expo center from April 18 to 20, 2018. This year, the annual paper will be hosted by the China papermaking association and the China pulp and paper research institute, which is approved by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China.

          Fujian angel health products co., LTD. Is also the exhibitor.
          Founded in 2014, angel has been adhering to the social responsibility of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and has been providing high-quality, healthy and considerate health care products for women and children and the elderly. Angel is the world's most rigorous eu testing standard, and has always been strict with the best quality, and the production of health care products has been an important source of life paper. Angel will be accompanied by "cotton, degradable", "soft, comfortable" products upgraded health care products to the exhibition. The booth is located at 5P21, no.5, nanjing international expo center. How can fujian angel health products co., LTD., with the help of this well-known trade and communication platform, become famous among 30,000 professional audiences? We'll see. Angel will use the exhibition to attract dealers and materials merchants, and create a Shared wealth business together.
          From April 18 to 20, 2018, together with the well-known exhibition of 25 years, CIDPEX will continue to grow in innovation and breakthrough together with industry enterprises. Let us meet again in nanjing, with a grand celebration, and enjoy the industry!


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          Don't hesitate to let "Lost" global limits, are you ready?

          There will always be opportunities
          Their own, do not give up
          2018.4.18 - 2018.4.20
          Angel gives you this opportunity
          Yes, you finally waited!

          Don't hesitate, let the "fell" global limit

          From April 18th to August 20th, the 25th CIDPEX2018 Tissue Paper Annual Meeting and the Exhibition for Women and Children, Elderly Health Care Products sponsored by the Professional Paper Committee of China Pulp and Paper Association was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Angel child will carry a variety of new diapers and paper products to participate in the exhibition, sincerely welcome all major dealer friends, consumer friends come to exchange and consulting! Fujian Angel Health Products Co., Ltd., as one of the newest diaper manufacturers in China, made a great appearance at this exhibition.

          In this exhibition, Angel has planned an unprecedented mystery event for you!
          Welcome to the scene to understand, more iphone8 send
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          Welcome to the scene to understand, more iphone8 reciprocal

          Venue: Nanjing International Expo Center Hall 5
          Time: April 18th - April 20th

          Concerned about the public number, the latest preferential advice and other information in one hand


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          Fujian enterprise economic evaluation association awarded my company excellent member unit.

          On March 15, 2018, fujian enterprise economic evaluation association awarded the title of "outstanding member unit" of angel health products co., ltd. in fujian province, which is anhonor and a spur.

          Founded in 2014, angel company is committed to the social responsibility of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, to produce and provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, healthy and considerate health care products for consumers. The company has invested heavily in the modern dust-free workshop, and adopts the intelligent production machine with the international leading patent technology and the full control management process of the man-machine interface. The company strives for perfection, every link of the product ensures the quality, the international advanced professional laboratory and the product testing instrument equipment, the spirit of craftsmanship provides the good guarantee for the product quality. To the beautiful, to enjoy the life, not only a slogan, but also a kind of action.


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          Anquen 2017 Shanghai CBME consummation, hope to see you next year!

          From July 19 to 21, the three days of 2017 Shanghai CBME children's baby show is coming to a successful conclusion! As the world's first child child exhibition, this exhibition brings together 2,662 high-quality exhibitors and 3,952 excellent brands, and the event is unprecedented! Fujian anquen health products co., LTD., with its "Modern baby series", "Kuku baby series", "hasmil adult series" and other brands, participated in the exhibition.

          As in recent years the rapid rise in China and has attracted much attention and recognition of domestic diapers trousers brand, anquen this year with professional team, the new product in 6-2 d25, E03 booth stunning appearance, show each attendance with anquen advanced brand concept, superb production technology and outstanding product quality!

          Anquen in this exhibition, harvest quite abundant, not only won the popularity, the sellout crowd, is constantly, gain the favour of the customer, consulting a lot of new and old customers on site to finalize cooperation, charge sign the bill! At the same time, it will discuss the industry development direction and the industry development experience with other well-known brands, while showing the characteristics and brand image of the products to the domestic and international audiences. The second year in a row, the CBME is anquen, from simple appearance, in the first year to the luxuriant bloom of this exhibition, anquen with high quality products and constant innovation, harvest the industry and the user's consistent high praise!

          The exhibition was over, and it was a new beginning for anquen. Through the exhibition of dongfeng, anquen expand the new partners and new cooperation direction, anquen sincerely thank the support of the new and old customers, we will not forget the beginner's mind, adhering to the spirit, adhere to quality, enhance brand glamour, integration of resources, with more quality products to thank everyone, looking forward to more dealers agents to join, create brilliant! We have every reason to believe that anquen's future will be better. Let's meet next year in Shanghai!


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          Employee travel | said that the trip of the travel anquen all staff fujian six - ao tour successfully concluded

          For Thanksgiving feedback all staff's hard work, the enhancement enterprise's cohesive force and centripetal force, and at the same time enrich employees amateur life, promote the exchanges and cooperation between departments, anquen company, on June 30, 2017 organization staff leave fujian best - six aojiang town, open 2 days 1 night island leisure trip, here, slow down, stop, enjoy quiet time!

          The first day, we visited the imperial palace Zhao Gubao, six aojiang most beautiful emerald bay beach, the evening was held at the beach bonfire party, in the bar, "" my name is summer began to nightlife, release pressure. The next day, we came to the beautiful country tai Po village, li surrounded by the sea here, everyone to visit the south of fujian province with glyph historic house, folk pavilion, "antique street" architectural style and theme murals, understand the minnan folk culture. At the same time, the free organization picked up the local representative fruit, the thin meat thick core of the lychee, the sweet lychee, each full.

          This tour, organized by human resources department, is a free benefit to all employees, and we have high satisfaction and high evaluation. Anquen, for employees, is not just a place to work, but also a home like warmth. In anquen this big family, everyone with a positive attitude will also continue to work hard, unite as one, forge ahead, the dream together, common depicting anquen update more beautiful picture scroll, wish anquen more and more beautiful!


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