ANQIER-Advantages of joining us
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        Investment promotion policies

        Exquisite Products, Excellent Life Guaranteed

        1. Any agent is required to have a distribution network or a physical shop for infant products with certain capital and delivery capability.
        2. An agent shall have an advanced philosophy in business, have practical experience in marketing adult care products and pay attention to promotion and customer maintenance.
        3. An agent shall sell products at the lowest unified channel price and retail price to protect a proper price system.
        4. An agent shall have sound business reputation and can accomplish a given sales target.

        1. Guarantee of profit: we pay attention to the construction of profit chains in all channels, increase the profitability of each product, help agents develop and maximize their interests.
        2. Guarantee of regions: we apply a protection mechanism in all regions, which means that only one exclusive agent will be set in each region to ensure exclusive sales and protect their interests.
        3. Guarantee of promotion: we provide product manuals, POP terminal publicizing materials and diversified gifts to drive sales. We will also provide activity planning, material support and personnel for agents and distributors based on requirements of market development.
        4. Guarantee of advertisement: we increase brand awareness via website communication and WOM and run media reports in combination of promotion campaigns to expand brand awareness.
        5. Guarantee of after-sale services: your after-sale concerns are released and your sales will be soaring by our 400 consultation hotline, expert hotline, interactive website and after-sale services.

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